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澳涤(AODI)品牌创于2011 ,专业生产及销售家居清洁用品的品牌.致力为千万家庭提供轻便、实用、时尚的家居清洁用品. 产品广泛使用于家庭的每个角落: 客厅、浴室、厨房、玻璃制品、木制品等,为您提供全方位的清洁用具.

The AODI brand was founded in 2011The production and sale of household cleaning products. It is committed to providing lightweight, practical and fashionable household cleaning products for millions of households. The products are widely used in every corner of the family: living roombathroom KitchenGlasswareWoodwork etc., to provide you with a full range of cleaning equipment.



The AODI brand of the products are mainly sold in supermarkets and convenience stores. The products are packaged in fashion and full of youthful vitality. The products are affordable and cost-effective. The product process is produced by the industry's advanced automation equipment, in line with national quality certification.




Keeping the house clean and fresh is the most basic requirement that our AODI people are committed to.
For the positioning of the brand, we have been adhering to a clean attitude, and we are committed to research and development of household cleaning daily necessities.